Monday, July 13, 2009

Wake-Up with Wendel Teacher Tools!

I'm so excited! There's a brand new program for teachers to use in the classroom starring (drum roll!) ME! Yep, WENDEL WORDSWORTH will soon be the rage of PreK-2 students and teachers when they use the 38 skill sheets, more than 25 activities and 2 fun lesson guidelines, all part of a new
Did I mention the WENDEL sing-along song
and my story in narration?!
Anyhoo, click here for more information!
Okay, gotta finish my apple and take some books back to the library...
See ya soon!

-- Wendel Wordsworth

Monday, July 6, 2009

Wendel Learns School Bus Safety Rules!

School will be opening before I know it!
So Alfred Moose and his dad are helping me
learn all 10 school bus safety rules.
If you want to learn more about school bus safety, go to
Alfred is their school bus safety mascot!
Signing off for now!
Wendel Wordsworth