Friday, April 17, 2009

Wendel's First Reading!

Wendel and I are going to Madison, GA, on May 6th!

The small town of Madison is blessed with two daring teachers who together developed a program for young students who need just a little encouragment when it comes to reading. A perfect job for Wendel Wordsworth!

The Language-Literacy Connection is a program dedicated to engaging students through fun and innovative ways. Monica Semrad and speech therapist Lindsay Peaster teach reading all day long to young people, and couldn’t be happier.

So, do you think we should include Big Buzz on this adventuer to Morgan County Primary School in Madison, GA, on Wednesday, May 6 from 11 a.m. to noon?

Well, of course we will! It wouldn't be the same without him....We'll read and do some fun activities and of course, sing the Wendel Wordsworth song!

Okay, so now we have to get our act together so we'll be invited back again!

Let's see, where are those coloring sheets? Oh, and be sure to check out Wendel on this special site for children's books! Just click here...

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