Monday, April 27, 2009

Wendel's Got...Glasses!

On my blog, you'll learn more and more about me, Wendel Wordsworth...Today, I'd like to explain why I wear eye glasses.

Basically, without them, I can't see anything!

What they do is help my eyes focus so that what I see is really clear. Everything used to be a big blurry blob! But I didn't know the difference because I had nothing to compare it to.

Then one day, I picked up a magnifying glass (just like this one) , and all of a sudden I could see individual leaves on a tree!

Excited, I told my parents, and they immediately took me to an eye doctor who fixed me right up with some fine glasses. They used some funny looking machine to test my eyes, but then I got to pick out the frames. I chose my favorite color -- red!

Have you ever been to the eye doctor?
Do you wear glasses?
If you don't, why don't you interview someone you know who does have glasses.
Ask them when they started wearing glasses.
And if they need them for reading or to see far away. There's a difference!
Well, that's it for today...Write me when you can!
Your friend,

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